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 For our canine guests we offer individual suites with their own outdoor patio.  They come with

a resting bench and they are covered in case of inclement weather.  Radiant heat keeps your

pets warm during those colder months. 


We can feed up to two meals per day.  You must bring your pets own food. We ask that you

bring it in individual Ziplock baggies with your pet's name on them. 


We also supply bedding for their resting benches and food and water bowls for their meals.  If you

would like to bring their favorite toy you may do that.  However we ask that you limit it to two.

Please don't bring their entire toy box.


Bathing and fluff drying is available before you pick up your pet.  Ask for pricing at drop off.



Our canine guests must be current on vaccinations.


Rabies - 1 or 3 year

DHLP - 1 or 3 year

Bordetella - 1 year


Please bring your shot records or you can fax those to us.  Our fax number is 812-334-8358.


We MUST have these records or your pet cannot stay with us.








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